Our Team

Board of Directors

Elizabeth Xu


Patricia Zimmerman


Henry Zhang


William Li


Team Leads

Ray Zhang

VP of Operations & Partnership

Stefan Lin

Director of Institution Partnership & Leadership Development

Chen Zhang

Director of Digital Marketing

Julie Li

Director of High & Middle School Division

Yan Yan

Manager of Design & Creative Strategy

Joyce Zhao

Fundraising & Events

Xi Peng

Corporate Relationship

Tao Luo

High & Middle School division Governance

Matt Zhu

High & Middle School Partnership

James Wang

Website Architect

National Student Officers

Our high/middle school student officers

Justin Zhao


Jiahao Li


Sophie Yang

VP of Marketing

Zixuan Lu

VP of Operation

Grace Li

VP of Partnership

Ethan Chang

VP of Events & Fundraising

Student Mentors

Michelle Hou

Kate Xu

Pingyu He