Student Awards

In order to help K-12 and university students to reach their fullest potential, Be The Change (BTC) foundation provides various scholarships to outstanding students. The scholarships are open to public, and applicants do not have to be our volunteers.

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Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

The Presidential Volunteer Service award is a prestigious national award for members of the community that are committed to make volunteer contributions and serve the community. The level of these awards (Gold, Silver or Bronze) depend on the recipient's age and number of volunteer hours within a 12-month period.


  • Weighted GPA: 3.7 or above

  • 50+ Volunteer hours in 2020

  • Personal Statement including life goals, aspiration and role models.

  • 60-90 second self-introduction video

  • demonstrate leadership experience or submit an art portfolio depending on the camp/scholarship

  • Deadline: Dec 1st, 2020

2020 Youth scholarships

BTC Youth Scholarships are specifically designed for K-12 students. Currently, we have 12 scholarships offered by A2C Academy and Elian and Brian Ip. The scholarship is to help high and middle school students develop their life vision and excel in the digital world.

Life vision, leadership, Inspiration and Strategy (worth $1880)

Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (worth $1480)

Art & Programming for Game Development Class ($1200 off)

High School Students

  • 1 full scholarship & 1 half scholarship

Middle School Students

  • 1 full scholarship & 1 half scholarship

*2020 Youth Scholarships are now closed. 2021 scholarships are coming soon.

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PVSA Awardees

Sophie Yang

Teens Gold

Zixuan Lu

Teens Gold

Grace Li

Teens Gold

Cecelia Sun

Teens Gold

Justin Zhao

Teens Sliver

Ervin Young

Young Adults Silver

Ray Zhang

Adults Gold

Scholarship Recipients

Sophie Yang (Full)

Zixuan Lu (Half)

Grace Li (Half)

Leo Lin (Half)

Ruth Liu (Half)

Justin Zhao (Half)

Vanessa Tang (Half)

Amy Liu (Half)