Community Support to Seniors and Working Professionals

Sending donated masks and gloves to seniors

We are getting donations (masks, gloves and food) and delivering the donations to seniors

Harvard Business School Program: Crisis Management for Leaders during Covid-19

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to disrupt the fundamental way people work and companies compete, business leaders across all industries are reassessing risk, shifting strategy, and searching for new ways to navigate economic uncertainty.

In response, Harvard Business School created Crisis Management for Leaders, a five-program webinar series designed exclusively for HBS alumni. You can watch videos using the above link

Three Phases

Phase One - Being Panic and Scared:

  • Complain all the time, pass angers and stress to people around them

  • Forward all Covid-19 related information, especially negative stories and numbers

  • Buy unnecessary amount of food, medicines, and toilet papers

Phase Two - Studying new knowledge and perfecting skills

  • Stop consume information or food that hurt both physical health or mental health

  • Let go things that we cannot have control or influence

  • Observe, sense and control personal stress and mode

  • Realize the current situation, identify the best action plan

  • Verify information and think about the impact to the recipients before forwarding the message

  • Acknowledge that everyone is trying their best to contribute

Phase Three - Personal Growth

  • Thinking about helping others

  • Helping others using personal capability and resources

  • Willing to share the emotional up and down with others with empathy

  • Focusing on now with long term goals

  • Being happy and project positive energy

  • Learn to be appreciative and adaptive

  • Practice patience, try to be as collaborative and creative as possible