Sending donated masks and gloves to seniors during COVID-19

We are accepting donations (masks, gloves and food) and delivering them to seniors

Mindset Change - Three Phases

Phase One - Being Panic and Scared:

  • Complain all the time, pass angers and stress to people around them

  • Forward all Covid-19 related information, especially negative stories and numbers

  • Buy unnecessary amount of food, medicines, and toilet papers

Phase Two - Studying new knowledge and perfecting skills

  • Stop consume information or food that hurt both physical health or mental health

  • Let go things that we cannot have control or influence

  • Observe, sense and control personal stress and mode

  • Realize the current situation, identify the best action plan

  • Verify information and think about the impact to the recipients before forwarding the message

  • Acknowledge that everyone is trying their best to contribute

Phase Three - Personal Growth

  • Thinking about helping others

  • Helping others using personal capability and resources

  • Willing to share the emotional up and down with others with empathy

  • Focusing on now with long term goals

  • Being happy and project positive energy

  • Learn to be appreciative and adaptive

  • Practice patience, try to be as collaborative and creative as possible