Volunteer Program

Our online volunteer program is designed to help students and young professionals to reach their fullest potential. During the volunteer period, you will get a chance to choose two different areas or skill sets that you want to develop or improve most, and we will provide coaching and mentoring resources.

The foundation is a certified organization to provide U.S. President's Volunteer Service Award. You will also have a chance to win our Creativity and Leadership Awards.

For High/Middle School Students

We take initiatives to create projects for you to participate in or mentor you to create your own. We foster your creativity, enrich your knowledge and enhance your social experience by learning through doing things together. Through this volunteer program, you will

  • get mentoring on writing, illustration, design, translation, dubbing, video editing, public speaking

  • build your portfolio for school and job application

  • create your own project, team and branch

  • get reference letter for future school application

  • connect with professionals and executives

  • get scholarship to attend A2C Academy creativity and leadership camps

For College Students

We offer scholarships for job-related and leadership training classes. We also provide mentoring resources to help you develop confidence and skills for thriving in future careers. In addition, you will

  • have great opportunities to work with professionals and experts from different industries

  • learn new knowledge

  • gain leadership and organizational experiences

  • get job referrals

  • get future internship or job opportunities with our partners

  • get scholarship to attend A2C Leadership Group provided bootcamps

For Working Professionals

If you want to expand your skill sets and get experiences beyond what your job can provide, and help young generations, please join us!

In addition, you will

  • get chance to mentor young professionals as well as being mentored by C-level executives and board members

  • gain leadership roles

  • have entrepreneur experiences

  • Enlarge connection and networking

  • get scholarship to attend A2C Leadership Group provided training