Volunteer Program

Our online volunteer program is specifically designed for high school and middle school students. During the volunteer period, students will get a chance to choose two different teams to participate, and get coaching and mentoring in various areas. We also welcome working professionals from diverse backgrounds to join us as mentors, who can share and pass their knowledge and experience onto our students. Our foundation is a Certifying Orgnization to give out Presidential Volunteer Service Award for volunteers.

For High & Middle School Students

We take initiatives to create projects for students to participate in or mentor them to create their own. Students will learn through doing things together and have a chance to create opportunities for each other. Through this volunteer program, students will

  • get mentoring on various career skillsets, such as communication, collaboration, leadership and creativity

  • build their portfolio for school and job applications

  • create their own team or branch

  • get reference letter for college application

  • connect with working professionals and executives in different companies

  • connect with professors from different universities

  • win Presidential Volunteer Service Award and foundation scholarships

For Working Professionals

We also provide a great opportunity for working professionals who want to get experiences beyond what their job can provide, while serving our society. By joining us, working professionals will

  • get chance to mentor young generations as well as being mentored by C-level executives and board members

  • gain leadership positions

  • have entrepreneur experiences

  • build broad connections

  • get new job referrals and recommendations

  • get free career training by our partner A2C Academy