Sending donated masks and gloves to seniors

We are getting donations (masks, gloves and food) and delivering the donations to seniors.

Donate Computer to Low-income Kids

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, millions of kids are without the technology they need for school. These students do not have access to their own reliable computer where they can write papers, conduct research, log in to their school portal, or send an email. As a result, these same school-age kids, especially in low-income areas, are unable to complete their schoolwork, they fall behind, and consequently, their chances for a bright future diminish

Harvard Business School Program: Crisis Management for Leaders during Covid-19

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to disrupt the fundamental way people work and companies compete, business leaders across all industries are reassessing risk, shifting strategy, and searching for new ways to navigate economic uncertainty.

In response, Harvard Business School created Crisis Management for Leaders, a five-program webinar series designed exclusively for HBS alumni. You can watch videos using the above link