Our Events

While some of our events are just for fun, most of our events align with our mission: to help students reach their fullest potential. We partner with other organizations to host events to create the best experiences possible. We also encourage our students to propose and host their own events, so they have a unique experience of learning how to organize an event, from drafting the proposal, to marketing the event, to sending out thank-you notes at the end of the entire process. They have all the resources to support them in the foundation while they are doing something they are passionate about. Lear more about our upcoming events and past events.

Online Workshops

One of the biggest projects we run for this is our workshop classes. In these classes, lasting anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, our members teach other students skills that aren’t normally taught in school, such as leadership and investment basics. Again, this cultivates useful skills that help those running the workshops reach their fullest potential, and of course, those students who sign up to take the classes and learn so much as well.

Online Events

We invite speakers from diverse backgrounds to have monthly talks on technology and business for our students. They are often experts in industry and academy, in the areas of artificial intellegence, machine learning, investment, biology, and so on. We aslo run fundraising events like hackathons and Model United Nations to help our foundation run. We want to make sure our organization and education accessible for everyone, so fees are never more than ten dollars. We also hold parties that celebrate holidays and help our members bond, even during times like the pandemic.