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Be the Change Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2014. Our mission is to support young generations to reach their fullest potential. We provide public services for youth's education, health and intellectual development, and mentoring young professionals to grow their careers and start their own businesses.

Our members include K-12 students, college students, working professionals, and business executives from various fields who volunteer to foster the growth of young people.

Upcoming Events

Model United Nations Workshop

Are you interested in BTCMUN that takes place in July but don't have any experience in Model UN? That's fine! Join our workshop and get familiar with parliamentary procedures and how to write resolutions!


Tech 4 Good Brain Storming Video Competition

What does "Tech 4 Good" mean to you? What "Good" can modern technologies do? If you have thoughts, we invite you to join this video brain storming competition. Winner of this competition will be awarded on July 24 during the Tech 4 Good Conference Ceremony!

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Deadline For Submission

July 16

Tech 4 Good Mentoring sessions

How to do Digital Marketing: SEO and Google Ads

(8 sessions 7/11-8/29)

* If people can’t find you online, you don’t exist!

* It takes skills technology, a business mindset, and creativity to tackle the challenge

* SEO and Google Ads are the heart and soul of digital marketing

* Learn how to build SEO and Google Ads in a systematic approach

* Join us on 7/17 @3pm PST to work on Be the Change Foundation's projects to gain hands-on experience!

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July 11 - August 29

2021 BTC Tech 4 Good Conferences & Competitions

Join our TECH4GOOD conferences for fun competitions, hourly raffle drawings, and excellent keynote speakers on 7/17 & 7/24!

Meet the Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tao Wang!

He will talk about everything from AI to Machine Learning Engineering

Dr. Wang is a Software Development Manager at Amazon. He received his Ph.D. in computing science from the University of Alberta in 2010 and was a co-founder of BoostSoft (2007-2009), a start-up company that provides cost-effective online video delivery solutions.

Before joining Amazon, Dr. Wang led machine learning and engineering teams at SAS and Stats Perform. One of their flagship products at SAS, Enterprise Miner, reached $1B accumulated sales under his leadership.

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10 AM- 12 PM PST

July 17 July 24


Model UN? WOW! What is it?

BTCMUN is a platform for you to discover your outstanding abilities! Interested in politics, sociology, public speaking, debate, researching, international relations? Don't hesitate to sign up!



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